Homemade Fermented Foods

We Japanese eat a lot of fermented foods everyday. Fermented foods have long been an essential part of the foods in Japan. Fermented food is an essential condiment of many Japanese dishes. It has been an essential health food. It is an important part of Japanese cuisine.

Fermentation preserve food and add nutritional value. A long fermentation process creates deep taste and aroma, too.

Homemade fermented foods are living products containing live bacteria. However, most store selling fermented foods that is packed in plastic bags is pasteurized. ( not contain live bacteria anymore )I recommend to choose unpasteurized ones, so that you can receive all the nutritional benefits.

Homemade one is MUCH better for health.Fermented food is easy to make at home. Plus it’s more tasty. Plus we can reduce plastic waste. In Japan there are a lot of different types of fermented foods by region and home recipes are handed down each generation.I will show you my homemade fermented foods here.

Miso:fermented soybean paste

If you buy store selling miso, choose ‘nama’ unpasteurized miso. I recommend these miso.

Natto: fermented soybeans

Soy yogurt

Shoyukoji & Shiokoji : It’s a fermented mixture of water and salt ( or soy sauce) and koji.

If you want to get fermented food recipes, I recommend this page. (It’s bilingual page, but it’s not for vegetarian )I love her fermented foods recipe very much. It’s easy to cook, and tasty.

If you want to know about Japanese foods, traditional cooking utensils & traditional seasonings ,I recommend this book!

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