Zerowaste Travel Shampoo

Do you travel with shampoo & conditioner? I do not travel with shampoo and conditioner anymore. I do not use them by the hotel. Instead, I bring my DIY dry shampoo.

I used to bring shampoo bar for traveling. However, it melted on the way many times. The shampoo bar was still wet when I placed it in the tin,and it melted on the way .Plus it was difficult to pop it out again. It was not perfect for traveling for me.

I brought DIY dry shampoo for traveling in this summer vacation.
It was very nice for my hair, and of course, it did not melt. I truly can’t be without this now. This DIY dry shampoo cleans my hair without using water. It absorbs excess oil, and adds slight texture. It could go days without washing.

-Kaolin clay ( any clay )
-A few drops of essential oil

-add the essential oil to clay and mix. That’s it.
-DIY dry shampoo with clay is ready.
-apply it directly on oily roots with brush and lightly throughout rest of the hair to absorb oil.
-after that, brush through.

I use clay as deodorant and Face powder .

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