Zerowaste Underwear

Have you seen Japanese traditional underwear, fundoshi panties ? It has been for males, but recently females like Fundoshi because it is good for health. It’s my best comfortable underwear! I do not feel the tightness of the rubber at all.

Fundoshi panties are made of cotton 100% cloth, and no elasticated strips on the tops of the thighs. It softly wrap up hip. That’s why it doesn’t compress the body and breathes well. Normal panties with elasticated strips can lead to poor blood and lymph circulation. However, Fundoshi panties won’t constrict blood circulation like normal underwear. It can help with blood flow in the body and relax. It is said that it’s good for insomnia, period pain and of course for your health! It also can improve internal organs!

We can change an elastic string. It can fit waists from small to big. We can use it for a long time. It is zerowaste, isn’t it ?

I am wearing fundoshi panties in the daytime. I recommend this as Yoga time and sleeping time underwear, too.

I found one on ↓

I’m wearing this company’s↓. It is ethically made in Japan. They use sustainable fabrics. However, Japan only.


  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Never heard of fundoshi panties. Very interesting.

  2. Sarah says:

    Can you make yourself a pair of fundoshi panties?