The Best Carry On Travel Duffel Bags

I use this furoshiki bag as my carry-on duffel bags for trips,then I use it as a beach bag and a down town shoppping bag. I love the furoshiki bag. It sits neatly on top of my roller bag for moving between airport, bus and train. Plus it fits under the seat in front of me on the plane. It fits clothes,towels, gifts, you can put a lot in this bag.

I usually put my to go lunch & water bottles in it. By carrying a Furoshiki in your carry-on bag, you can quickly make a bag when purchasing your favorite foods at the market,too.

Even if you have an additional suitcase packed, this makes a nice bag. I highly recommend this furoshiki bag for anyone looking for a cute carry-on duffle. This bag does it all!

Furoshiki is light and compact, and portable. It can be used it to wrap up clothes or other items while traveling for easy packing,too.

I will show you how to make this bag with furoshiki.

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