DIY Zerowaste Candle With Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil doesn’t have to
go down the drain. It can be used to make candles !It would be very useful in a blackout. It provides good light and decent heat.It is a great option for light, and heat in an emergency.

Used cooking oil candle is all natural and burn cleanly, is non toxic, lead free. No dyes have been used. I use hemp cord for a clean, non toxic, edge to edge burn. The candle has a small odor while burning but nothing overpowering. Used cooking oil candle is poured into Jars. I love the way the wax shimmers through the facets of the quilted glass. The candle burns for a really long time. This is a great emergency candles.

– water 1/3 of your jar
– used cooking oil 2/3 of your jar
– a few drops of essential oil ( If you want )
– hemp cord
– wine cork
– jar ( Choose heat- resisting ones )


– cut wine cork
– make edge burn ( if you have aluminum foil, wrap the cork. It’s better)
– dip the edge into used cooking oil for a while
– pour water into jar
– pour used cooking oil into jar
– light the edge
– float the edge
– keep the edge in the middle of the jar

Prior to lighting a candle, carefully inspect it to make sure that you can use it safely.

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  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Very good idea. Never thought of this.