Plastic Free Broom

I love this handy little brooms.I use indoors to remove dirt. It has a pleasant natural scent and is a good alternative to the plastic ones. The plastic ones can be too flimsy and not shaped the same. It’s handy to just stick in the corner until needed. It is well made in Japan and should last a long time with moderate usage.

I use it after meals to tidy up. It’s perfect for sweeping off furniture to remove crumbs. It is a nice item if keep in your car,too. It has come in very handy to sweep away dirt from the cargo area and floor mats. You can have one under the seat in your car. I also use it to clean off my coat when I come in from outdoors. This is the best little camping broom,too. It does everthing I need it to!

My kids have used it for sweeping up crumbs from their desks. They love getting to use this broom to clean up their messes at the end of the day. Tiny eraser crumbs get swept up and thrown away by them without me being involved at all.

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