3 Reasons for Toe Socks

Have you tried Japanese traditional toe separating socks? I love them! They are still popular in Japan. They are very comfortable after getting used to toes being separated. It is said that they are good for health,too. Do you know what makes this pair of 5 toe socks so effective? They offer these 3 benefits for me.

First, When my toes sweat, these socks absorb the sweat and keep the toes separated. They are very comfortable and keep my toes dry. They also absorb the bad smell.

Second, They do help to keep toes warm. They really keep my feet warm in winter. My feet get cold in winter and my 5 toe socks keep them warm.

Third, it is said that it improves the blood circulation. You will know how this will relieve fatigue in the legs.

These five toe socks are so great that I will be ordering them as Christmas gifts and buying more for myself.

Organic cotton ones↓

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