Ecofriendly Transport

I do not have a car, but I ride my bike everyday! I ride a bike because I want to do my bit for the environment. I live in a very hilly area, and my E-bike does fine. It’s Easy to charge, easy to ride. This bike goes up hills very nice! It has the right amount of power to cruise around. The bike is excellent for environments,too. It is worth it.

( Shimano is Japanese company. Their bikes are nice ! )

Actually, E-bike is very popular among people in my area. Young & old people also have their own. People have been able to enjoy riding with comfort and stability. I also love riding with electric assist. I can get good power.It even drives me up hills. I can get around much easily. I had been riding it to and from nursery school with 2 kids before. I could arrive fresh with light pedaling.

My mother is around 70 and can ride it,too. When a hill gets too hard, she just turn on the assist.

Panasonic & Bridgestone ones are popular here in Japan.
Amazon Japan!

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