DIY Natural Air Freshner

My DIY air freshener is great for bathroom and small apace at home. I would highly recommend this to anyone. This is a must have for bathroom in my house now. It lasts up to a week, and is made with baking soda & essential oil. My favorite thing about it, is that the pleasant scent doesn’t just mask the bad smells. It absorbs odor while filling a bathroom with scent. I mostly like it because it is natural, so I don’t have to worry about breathing any chemicals.

It worked so well to mask the horrible odors. Every bathroom should have a bottle! It works great to neutralize the smells, not just cover them up with harsh scents.

Commercial air Fresheners are filled with chemical, and all of which lead to health problems. It is time to take them out of your home. My chemical free air freshener will naturally clean and deodorize your bathroom, allowing your family breathe safely.

– 1 cup of baking soda

– 20 drops of essential oil

– Mix the baking soda and essential oil well in a jar.
– Place the air freshener.
If it looses its scent, shake the jar, or add a few more essential oil and shake well.

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