Easy DIY Dish Soap

I did not buy dish soap in 2018! I made a decision that I wanted to phase out the more “traditional” lines of cleaning products in our household and move to all natural alternatives. I made a clean sweep of the chemical products in my home.I wanted to find something that was truly natural that really works as it says it does so I could finally get rid of the chemicals once and for all!

I use rice water to wash dishes.It definitely does not dry my hands out as much as commercial dish soap does and I like that it cleans most things just as well. However, in all honesty, I find that I either need to use a ton of it on super greasy baked on crap, or I need to just go ahead and bring out rice bran. But this doesn’t happen very often, so I am quite happy using the rice water, which is 95% of the time. I would highly recommend this, especially to those folks who have their hands constantly in soapy dish water and suffer from dry skin issues.

How to Make Rice Water :
-Pour the rice into a bowl.
-Submerge the rice in water.
-Stir the rice.
-Pour out the water.

The water is my soap dish !I add orange peels into it, and keep it in room temperature for 1 day to ferment! That’s done. I submerge dishes into the water, and scrub dishes with plastic free Tawashi Brush, then rinse with water. You can keep the water for a week in refrigerator.

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