Zerowaste Kitchen Utensils

When I started zero waste lifestyle , the kitchen was the first places I tackled.I gradually rid of the plastic from my kitchen. Yes! There are many alternatives!

What kind of cooking utensils do you use in your kitchen? I recommend wooden or bamboo ones!

They are safer for you because they don’t leach toxins into food.
Some of plastic cooking utensils may be danger, especially if they melt. Plastic utensils can melt if they contact with heat. Wood or bamboo is a good choice when you’re cooking with hot foods. The construction is sturdy, and they naturally do not absorb heat like a metal utensil would.

Especially, I love bamboo ones! Bamboo grows faster than wood and can be grown without pesticides.
Plus Bamboo is lightweight. It’s good for camping,too. I have bamboo grater, chopsticks, whisk and spatula. Those are strong, and I’ve been used them over 10 years now. They are lasting for a long time. I hope to keep adding more bamboo utensils to my kitchen.

Care is not difficult. It’s easy to clean. I clean with hot water and a little dishwashing soap immediately after use, rinse , and air dry.