3 Tips For Zerowaste Earthquake Preparedness

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck my town .The quake broke buildings & houses in Osaka .

Thank you for zerowaste lifestyle, my home was totally safe. I found I had fewer things to injure us when this big earthquake happened. Before going zero waste life, I started decluttering my home. I got rid of unnecessary posessions.That’s why I have fewer posessions at home now. Earthquakes can be dangerous, but another danger is falling objects. Many earthquake injuries were hit by fallen objects. Unnecessary possessions will injure you in an emergency situation. I recommend 2 books to read.

Many homes were temporarily without power, water & gas after earthquake. Now my home is OK, but the supply of water will stop again soon. After going zerowaste life, We bring our own bottles everywhere to avoid single use plastic. That’s why We have many bottles. We can keep lots of tap water on our bottles ! Plus I put activated charcoal into them. The Water will be safe in room temperature for 3 days.

Japan Only!

I went out to buy some foods, but they were all sold out and any shop had no stock anymore. I went back home, and I found many fermented foods I made ! After going zerowaste lifestyle , I’m trying to make many kinds of fermented foods. For example, Natto (fermented soybean paste) , Tsukemono(Japanese pickles),Miso & Kimchi. We will eat them until shops will have stock.

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