Plastic Free Alternatives To Food Wrap

I have been slowly trying to reduce household waste and finding more environmentally friendly options to everyday disposable items. I had been looking for an alternative for plastic wrap, and I certainly found this product, dried bamboo skin! Dried bamboo skin has traditionally been used for food storage before plastic wrap in Japan. It is washable, reusable and of course,compostable. It keeps foods soft and fresh for much longer than ziplocs.It allows the food to breathe while locking in moisture. The natural antibacterial properties of it help keep food fresh. This helps cut down on plastic wrap usage. It reduces the amount of waste I generate. It is so much better for the environment, too.

I can wrap half an orange, bread, and fruits and vegetables and more.I can pack riceball or sushi roll for Lunch, too. I can use it as a place mat, too.

I put it into water to soften the bamboo skin a few minutes and wrap a piece of food. It doesn’t create a seal , but stores food naturally. I Wash in cool water and air dry.

It has a bamboo smell a little bit, but it hasn’t been a problem for me.

It is safe for Microwave & freezer.

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  1. Che-Cheh says:

    This gives me an idea. In Chinese culture, we use bamboo leaves to wrap rice dumplings. Perhaps we can use it for wrapping other food too. Hmm…