Japanese Futon Mattress

I sleep on a Japanese futon on the floor. The Japanese usually sleep not on raised beds but on futons.Futon is a Japanese style mattress.I lays it directly on the floor. It is cushioned ,and I don’t feel the hard floor underneath. Co-sleeping is a big part of Japanese parenting. We sleep together on futons in a single room. we sleep on single futon mattresses laid next to each other on the floor.

I discuss some of the zerowaste benefits of futon matress today.

-I never have a fear of falling out of the bed.Moreover, I do not have a fear of my kids falling out of the bed . I did not need to buy bed rails when my kids were baby.

-Futon let us use a room for more than one purpose. We live in a small apartment and space is at a premium. we fold up the futon each morning to make space, and lay it up at night.No wasted space.

-We didn’t buy Baby cribs, we bought my babies Japanese futon. I did not want to buy baby things. My teenage kids still use the futons.

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