7 things I stopped buying

Here are 7 things I stopped buying that has helped me live zerowaste. Those are things that are not good for environment,too.

1, Q-tips
I use Japanese traditional bamboo earpicks. It’s works enough. It cleans out a lot of ear wax.

2, Body wash
I use Japanese traditional wash cloth. It naturally draw out impurities from my skin. I don’t need body wash anymore. When I get too sweat, I use solid soap.

3,Laundry detergent
I use ‘magnesium as laundry detergent. Magnesium removes dirt and debris more efficiently.

4,Single use wet wipe
I don’t use disposable wet wipes anymore. You can make it at home!

5, Water filter
I don’t buy water filter anymore. I use Japanese traditional activated charcoal Binchotan or bamboo charcoal.

Homemade kimchi is nice! I do not need to buy kimchi in plastic containers anymore.

7, Soy yogurt
I make soy yogurt at home. I can reduce a lot of plastic containers.

Also water bottles! I always bring my own reusable bottle everywhere.

What things have you stopped buying after going zerowaste life ?

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