An Alternative To Plastic Bag As Garbage Bag

If you want to swap your plastic waste bags for paper ones, here’s how to make them out of newspaper.

I used to use plastic bags from shops to collect rubbish. When I started to carry reusable shopping bags, I lost my waste bags. So I started buying plastic garbage bags, which just goes against my purpose.

How do you collect gabbage without plastic bags? I found Newspaper can be waste bags from Internet! We receive free local newspapers in the mailbox, and now they get into newspaper gabbage bags. I recommend to bring newspapers to collect garbages everywhere.
Especially, it is useful when you don’t have easy access to a trash can.

I will show you how to make it.
It’s easy to fold. Just make small triangles around the newspaper.

Here are you can do with the newspaper bags.
-mini trash bag
-dog waste bag
-for car rubbish
-wrap up a diaper
-dirty clothes bag
-sort recyclables
-food prep bin
-for broken dishes

Newspaper can remove bad smells from garbages. Moreover, it absorbs water. Newspaper bag is an effective alternative to plastic waste bag.