Zerowaste Umbrella

Big typhoon smashes Japan every year, and it brings strong winds every time. Umbrellas break easily here. What to do with broken umbrella?

Most eco friendly choice is to repair it! There are many umbrella repairing services. They are able to repair umbrellas. If you have any trouble with broken umbrella, contact them before replacing it with another.

Or You can try thriftstores. You can find used ones there.

Or We Japanese upcycle broken umbrellas into water proof bags.If you have a broken umbrellas beyond repair , try it instead of discard them! My mom made this bag from her old umbrella!

Here is how to book.

People buy a “cheap” umbrella here in Japan. They are poor quality almost disposable. Japan throws around 100 million umbrellas every year, because of no recycling solution. That’s why I replaced my umbrella to stronger and repairable one.

I’m using Japan made cotton 100% sun & rain umbrella. It is waterproofed. I found it at Tokyu Hands. And I wear water repellent organic cotton sneakers on rainy day.Upper is cotton100%, and sole is rubber. It is from MUJI.

They are cotton, but they work well on rainy day. How eco-friendly is your rainy goods ?