My Favorite Reusable Water Bottle

The Thermos bottle ranks the most popular on most stores here in Japan. These water bottles that use the latest technology in keeping your drinks hot or cold for a long time.

I purchased the pink Thermos bottle for my daughters to take to school a few years ago. My daughters use this every day. Although some scratched on the outside, it still works well. We have only used it for tea or ice water so far. We currently puts ice tea in each morning. This Thermos helps keep her tea cold all day.It depends on the environment, but if we pour iced tea with some ice in the morning, the ice might still be there in the afternoon .

It meets my criteria of being leak proof, too.They can also carry it in their bag without any concerns.
They don’t need to worry about.

Unlike paper or plastic cups, the insulated bottles will keep ice-cream cold, too! My daughters using this yellow jars to eat icecream. I do not need worry about melting !

Moreover, it’s lightweight!!It’s easy to bring it everywhere!

Thermos bottles are now available in many designs, so that you are sure to find the one you like.