DIY Natural Detoxifying Deodorant

It is said that the most harmful chemicals that we put is our deodorant. It might contain aluminum or parabens. Looking for a safe and natural deodorant? Bentonite clay might help ! For thousands of years, Japanese people have used clay for a variety of reasons. I use bentonite clay powder as a natural deodorant. Moreover, it has the detoxifying benefits! I’ve tried this recipe these days, and I smelled less than commercial ones!Of course, it’s all natural with no aluminum and no parabens. I don’t have to use commercial deodorants anymore.

Bentonite clay might absorb odors and moisture from your underarms. It will neutralize body odor.It will absorb sweat, and prevent body odor, too. Moreover,It will pull some chemicals out of the skin because of the detoxifying power.

My Recipe is easy. I just transfer the bentonite clay powder in a small jar for use. Resist the urge to over apply,and 1-2 swipes are all I need. I put it on my body after taking a bath. You can use kaolin clay instead of bentonite clay, too.

I also use bentonite clay as face powder!