Books For Decluttering

Before going zero waste life, I started decluttering my home. It makes it easy to go zero waste life. My apartment was loaded with stuff. Most of them I didn’t use . Things took over my life. However ,Decluttering helped me cut down the amount of things I had in my home. It helped me to rid of what is not necessary for me. I run things down to a secondhand shops a lot.

I realized that I wasted of time and money a lot. I realized I used my money for waste & environmental crisis.That’s why I am trying to change my life little by little.

My decluttering journey is still on-going, but I know I need only few things.I’m trying to make purchases I always make sure it is something that is going to last. Decluttering forms better shopping habits for me.It means I do not buy WASTE anymore. IT’s very good for zero waste life, too.

Those Japanese author’s books got me started at decluttering. Those gave me inspiration and practical tips to decluttering. I highly recommend them to zerowasters! I hope they will help your zerowaste life.

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