Japanese Bokashi Composting for Apartment Living

I live in a small apartment in Japan, and I do not have backyard. However, I still can compost at home. Japanese Bokashi composting system ferments all our kitchen waste and transforms it into the fertilizer. It is a perfect composting for small house.

Japanese Bokashi composting system is an easy way to compost all of your food scraps in your balcony or inside your home.

The process is as simple as it gets.It’s a big wooden box ( I use old apple box ) includes soil. I mix our kitchen waste with Bokashi then press them it into the soil in the box once a day .Sprinkle another Bokashi over them, and close the lid with soil . The Bokashi mix takes care of that. The fermentation process breaks down my kitchen waste.

Bokashi is made of bran. I recently use rice brans instead of Bokashi. It still works well & cheap in Japan.

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Japanese Bokashi composting systems can break down items like meat and dairy products,too. Even though the box has fish in it, it is odour a little bit . I only add vegetables scraps, tea leaves, coffee grounds, and egg shells now.

Japanese Bokashi composting usually takes two weeks. They will take from 3 to 6 months to fully integrate into the soil. The kitchen scraps disappeare and I bury the contents in my balcony which feed bitter melon & green peppers and so on .

Bokashi composting kit is easy, too.

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