Alternative To Plastic Bin Liners

Plastic shopping bags are bad for the environment, but they’re good to bin liners. If you use your plastic bags as bin liners, consider another alternative !

I recently use Japanese traditional newspaper bin, so I do not need plastic bin liners anymore! I’ll tell you how to fold disposable newspaper bin! Folding paper is Japanese traditional culture. The classic origami bin box is very simple to make. Old Japanese people used to use it as compostable waste bin. My grandma taught me how to make it, and I recently use it at home instead of plastic bin liners. I found it is easy to fold and very useful, especially in the kitchen. You do not need to rinse your bin after emptying it into the backyard bin. If you make two newspaper bins, you can separate out food scraps for composting.

Have a try of making this newspaper origami waste bin! Isn’t it awesome that old newspaper can be transformed into a plastic free waste bin ? If you use bigger newspapers, you can make bigger waste bin! Check my YouTube channel how to make it !

Newspaper is good material for trash bin! Newspaper absorbs odors & water. It can get rid of bad smells of trash . It removes excessive water, too. It helps cut down on smelly garbage juice, too.

What do you do after you’ve read your old newspapers? Don’t toss your newspapers, try to upcycle them!

You can ‘wrap’ waste with newspaper, too !


  1. Che-Cheh says:

    This brings back old times. I used to fold origami box and use it as dustbin when I was in school. Origami box is different from your origami waste bin but serves the same purpose. Thanks for sharing. 🙂