Zerowaste Preparedness For Typhoon

Strongest typhoon in 25 years hit Japan’s Kansai region on 5th September. It causes death & destruction in Japan. KIX Airport has been shut down as a result of flooding. It isn’t reopened yet with all flights cancelled.

Schools closed and Most shops, rails and flights shut down. Typhoon also causes power and water outages. Due to strong wind broke the power line, the electricity has been turned off since Wendnesday in some areas. Some households are left without power still now. The water supply was cut off because of a burst water pipe,too.

I recently purify water with charcoal. I add tap water in some pitcher and place activated charcoals every night. ( It takes at least 6 hours to purify water.) That’s why We had enough water to drink at home when the water supply cut.

I also used orange peel candles. I added oils ( any oil ) into orange peel, and lighted the orange’s core. It worked well on the table, but it was a little bit dengerous for kids.

I want to buy this solar light for next power cut.

Food in the refrigerator was safe during a power outage. It was safe as long as a few hours. Keep the door closed as much as possible.
If power outrage goes longer, I recommend to smear the miso ( only raw miso) evenly on all sides of defrosting meats and fishes. Miso keeps foods fresh longer.

I recomend this Japan made radio for emergency to get news.It can be charged by batteries or by hand or by solar. You can charge your phone, too.

Plus don’t put your things outside at that time. Many things were skipped, and they became waste. I saw many kids small pool were in the sky.

Japan only!

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