Bring Your Own To-Go Container

Most of our waste is
generated by takeaway packaging, so reducing the amount of disposable plastic packaging means less waste.

In Japan, there are many bakeries on the street. Many of the bakeries use plastic bags and plastic boxes, and then, on top of that they put it in a big plastic bag. To reduce the use of plastic disposables, I always bring my own bamboo containers. It has been used in Japan as a food container for many years.

Japan Only!

I usually use it when I buy pastries & sandwiches. It’s easy to carry ( It’s much lighter than a stainless lunchbox ) , it keeps bacteria away( Bamboo has anti-bacterial properties ) , I enjoy lunch every time .It’s only for dry foods as it. It’s not air tight, so it’s not good for wet foods. I use this wood lunch box for wet foods. Caring for it is easy. I wash with warm water and dish soap by hand.

Bamboo is a sustainable material . Unlike trees, bamboo grows rapidly and can be harvested within just 3-5 years.

With growing concern over the effects of plastic used for food container, by using your own container, you will be able to control the surface that your food touches, too .

(Proof reading by Artemisia Hood)

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