Bring Your Own Towel

We Japanese carry around a small hand towel everywhere! Yes, Everyone carries a small hand towel. Small hand towel is an essential in everyone’s pocket or bag in Japan. Hand towel is on the required supply list at school ,too. Business persons also bring their own small towels in their pockets! ( Check Japanese at toilet 🙂 )

People carry their own towels with them to dry their hands after washing in the restroom. If you had your hand towel , you wouldn’t need to use a lot of paper towels!
Plus people use it to wipe the sweat, too. I like carrying my hand towel instead of using paper towels.

I prefer small towels over hanky , because I do not need ironing. Cotton one is better suited for it. The advantage of cotton is that it’s highly absorbent.

It is easier to carry around because it is small in size. It can be stored away in your bag or pocket.Let’s Save trees and papers with Japanese style hand towels! You will reduce your carbon footprint with this small towel. And You’ll save some trees, too!