Clean a Bottle Without a Brush

I love using mason jars and glass jars in my house. I have been making my own salad dressings for a while and it is hard to clean the bottle. How do you clean the inside of bottles? Especially, this kind of narrow neck ones?

My mother told me to use rice bran( or uncooked rice is OK ). Well, rice bran works great. Rice bran is really nice and it fits the bottles that I was intending to wash with it! Rice bran makes it easy to reach impossible crevices in bottle. It takes care of a lot of cleaning problems that other brushes could not reach. So useful and easy to wash. Plus Rice bran can absorb oil. I could not find anything in the stores that worked, but it does.

-rice bran ( or uncooked rice )



-Fill your bottle 1/5 full with rice bran.
-Shake the bottle.
-Add water.
-Shake the bottle.
-Empty the bottle.
-Rince the bottle.

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