Creative Zerowaste Gift Bag tutorial

There are much amounts of resources used to produce wrapping paper and gift bag every year.They are almost not recylable or reusable. Sadly,They are going to be discarded soon.

My daughter joined ‘gift bag’ workshop at libraly. she learned how to make very cute gift bags.You know what? She made gift bag from picture book’s cover! I’ve never know what to do with the picture book covers! Picture book’s covers are usually discarded from libraly. Plus, the covers are laminated and that can not be recycled. I want to share this idea on how to make zerowaste gift bag. We can reduce a lot of wrapping waste !


-line on the paper.
-fold through all line.
-Secure the seam with tape.
-Fold back 3 cm along the top edge.
-make pleated sides on the bag. Do this on both sides of the bag.
-Make the bag’s base by folding the paper, and secure the seam with tape.
-Punch two holes in the top of the bag, thread ribbon through the holes.
(Make the bag stronger with a cardboard. Place it in the bottom of the bag.)

I use this tape. It is made of plantbased materials & natural glue .The quality is very good, too !

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