DIY 3 minutes shoe bag

I always travel with some Japanese traditional furoshiki. It’s good for travel use very much. Furoshiki is a good alternative to paper or plastic every time!

I’ve used furoshiki as travel shoes bag! It’s much better than the plastic bags I had been using to store shoes for travel. I’ve used these on some trips so far with no problems at all. It has already gone to several countries and domestic trips with not tears. It’s also great for carrying shoes to & from the gym.

These are extremely flexible, even for large sneakers. I put several flip flops in one furoshiki and my kids’ shoes could be combined as well. Furoshiki is soft and packed well in the suitcase or backpack. It’s easy to wash. I can throw it in the washing machine and hung it dry everywhere.

I will show how to wrap shoes in a single furoshiki.


-Spread the furoshiki out flat.
-Place the shoes on an imaginary line between two opposite corners.
-Separate the shoes a little.
-Roll the shoes away.
-Take the two ends, and stand the
-Make a double knot to tie.

I use 27 inch furoshiki. My shoes size is 8.5 US.

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