DIY Bento Bag Tutorial

Let’s sew the Japanese traditional bento bag out of a bandana. Do you know how to make Japanese traditional bentobag ? If you have a bandana or furoshiki, you can make it easily. This is a beginner friendly, and a quick sew!

Our Japanese style bento bag is a versatile bag. It’s perfect for eco-friendly shopping! I use it almost every day. I use it for storing goodies. You can use them for shopping , carrying your lunch and snacks, and traveling. It’s easier to wrap goodies than furoshiki cloth. Just tie the top. Even my daughter can wrap, too! They are light-weight and compact!Plus You can be tossed in the wash when it gets dirty.

This bento bag tutorial is really simple. You do not need a sewing machine to make. All you’ll need is a bandana or furoshiki and thread. I used 40cm x 40 cm bandana for carrying lunch box.

1, cut

2, sew red line ( 4 layers)

3, sew blue line until down ( 2 layers)

4, sew opposite side’s blue line until down ( 2 layers )

5,Turn the bag out

And you’re done! If you’re looking for bento bag, have a try 😉