DIY Broken Umbrella Grocery Shopping Bag

My mother made grocery shopping bag from ‘Broken Umbrella’. This bag is good for daily supplies when you need for a grocery store. It takes you less than 10 seconds to fold the bag. The material of it is lightweight so can be folded to a small and carry it with you at all time. It is lightweight but very sturdy and resistant to water( Of course!! ). It is strong enough for grocery shopping.It is pretty tough. It holds a very good amount of items. It is easy to take along to the store and after using it I just refold and put it back in my bag. It’s good for swim bag,too. You can make yours from your umbrella, too ! My mom got the pattern from this book ⇩!

Japanese edition!

When shopping at the grocery store, you can reduce your impact on the environment by using eco friendly, reusable shopping tote bags from ‘broken umbrella’. Switching to reusable grocery bags is a great way to cut down on wasteful single use plastic bags. Reusable broken umbrella bags help the environment by reducing the amount of trash.

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  1. Che-Cheh says:

    I love this idea. Now I know what to do if I have a broken umbrella. Thank you again!

  2. zerowaste.japan says:

    Thank you very much;) If you have broken umbrella, have a try !!