DIY dish soap

My dish soap( not soap ?) is made from rice bran !Rice is the staple food of the Japanese food and it is also used in daily life in Japan. Rice bran is the outer layer of the grain, produced as a by-product of milling the grain for white rice. Old Japanese people used to wash dishes with rice brans before detergent. The only ingredients are rice,but the cleansing quality is very high.It has a much higher washing ability than the synthesized liquid soaps. By washing dishes together with rice bran, it helps remove grease stains from the dishes. Plus, it is kind to your sensitive skin.It effectives for making skin smooth, too. It’s 100% made of natural ingredients, so it’s eco friendly to the earth.

-Wrap 5 tbs of rice bran with cotton cloth.
-Put the bag into water until soft.
-Knead till the water turns milky white.
-It’s ready! Wash damp dishes with this!

You can use same rice bran 2 or 3 times( 1 day ) . After washing, rice brans can be tossed into the compost.

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