DIY Dried Soup Mix

I made DIY dried soup mix!If you have too much vegetables to eat, just try !

These blends offer different combinations of mixed dried vegetables such as carrots, green onion and zucchini, and can be used in soups, stews just about anything that needs some added veggies and flavor. I absolutely love this soup mix. It is a pantry staple at my house now. It’s very easy to cook with, excellent flavor, even has good color. I often make soup with fresh vegetables, but this is quicker and easier when I’m busy or don’t have enough time. Excellent results every time. Often I add fresh vegetables but this time I did not and it was still great in taste. It’s just dried vegetables so it works in many things.

– vegetables ( carrot, green onion ,zucchini. or your favorite ones )

– Slice vegetables
– Place them in a single layer on a rack in full sun.
– Turn them every day.
– The process can take up to 7-10 days.

They are simmered for about 5 min and they are tender.
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