DIY furoshiki mason jar sleeve

I bought Ball mason jars to get away from plastic containers a few years ago. I had heard about the dangers of storing foods in plastic containers and the plastic could lead to dangerous chemicals into the foods. I have been using mason jars regularly now .I use the jars for food storages instead of plastic Tupperwear now . No toxic permeates food, like plastics. Moreover, I have proven themselves useful beyond that.

These jars are also good for freezing. They are freezer-friendly. I can fill leaving an inch from the top, and store in the refrigerator.

I am trying home canning and have been using these mason jars.They seal very well.No air gets in or out.

You can heat them in the microwave,too. ( I do not use microwave much, though)
To heat up plastic containers of food in the microwave may not be good for health.

I even use them as my drinking glasses.To reduce the use of plastic disposables, I bring my own mason jars everywhere. I like it because I can close them if I didn’t finish my drink. My mason jar sleeve is made with furoshiki ! It really fits it. They are perfect for protecting my hands from hot drinks or soaking up condensation from cold beverages!

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