DIY Japanese Traditional Heating Pad

This Japanese traditional RICE made heating pad is amazing! After working at the computer for a while my shoulders will bunch up and I feel I need a massage to get the kinks out. This heated up and placed on my shoulders really helps! The weight of it puts enough pressure to relieve those scrunched up shoulders. The rice holds heat for a good while and allow me to tailor where I want weight just by shifting the rice a little. Just over 2 minutes in the microwave and it is perfect. It stays hot for about 10 minutes. The rice provides wonderful moist heat. Fantastic and comfortable to wear while sitting at my computer to help ease neck and shoulder ache. It is reusable for 1-2 years !


– 1 cup rice bran ( If you don’t have, brown rice is OK )

– 1 cup brown rice

– 1/2 cup salt


– Fill the bag with brown rice, rice bran and salt.

– Throw the bag into the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Or you can roast the filling with frying pan.

– Apply to your aches.

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