DIY Oriental Lip Balm

My first blog post of the year is up! We went to South Korea on vacation. We enjoyed there very much! We visited Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine in Daegu. It is a museum where visitors can make cosmetic products. All products are 100% natural and safe to use for children. My kids decided to make a lip balm. On the table there was an electronic scale and a measuring cup. We received help from an instructor!

– In a measuring cup, melt the Beeswax pellets 2g ,Jojoba oil 2g, Almond Oil 1g, VitaminE 1g.

– Stir in the essential oil. ( mandarin 2 drops & lavender 2 drops )

– Carefully pour into pots and allow to cool before using.

They also provide Medicinal herb foot bath, making herbal soap, making oriental natural air freshener, making an oriental mist, traditional nurse and doctor costume experience, traditional herbal tea sampling and self health examination! If you have time, visit there !

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