DIY Plastic Free Bin Liners

From June, most major supermarkets stopped handing out single-use plastic bags in my city. I used to re-use my plastic bags as bin liners, now I have to buy liners? Does rubbish really need to be put in a plastic bag? Actually, No! There are some options.The switch is easy and will have a big impact.

First, you can make a bin liner out of newspaper. Japanese used to use newspaper bin liners before plastic ones came. It’s practical bags to pick up cat and dog waste, too. It’s even sturdier than I’d expected, but don’t expect it to hold for very wet waste.

I will show you how to make it on my youtube channel. Check it! It’s super simple , and takes a few seconds to make it . If you use a double layer of newspaper, it would be strong enough to hold waste. If you make bigger ones, 4 layers are better. Have a try.

Second, I recommend for bin liners as other bags received as packaging.

Or you can make newspaper bin out of newspaper!


  1. Rachel B. says:

    I recently moved to Hokkaido (an lived in Kyoto too). There are very specific rules for trash sorting. You have to do it by colored plastic bags??? How do you avoid that?

  2. zerowaste.japan says:

    Sorry to reply late. I live in Osaka, and we do not need to buy specific plastic bags here . I use used plastic bags as garbage bags.