DIY Vinegar Shampoo

As I’m aging, and I’m trying to find the right shampoo & conditioner for my thinning grey hair. I’ve been using ONLY vinegar for about 2 months and I noticed a difference after my first use.

I wash my hair every day and vinegar is truly a miracle in my opinion. My hair is soft and shining and manageable now! It looks and feels healthy again. After uses, I was losing less hair and my dandruff was gone. My hair is soft, health is returning to it. I’m very satisfied with the vinegar.

I truly recommend vinegar as your new hair washing regime. Especially, I recommend ‘black vinegar’ for grey hair and hair loss. It is said that the black vinegar enhances grey hair in Japan. Black vinegar can be your help! ( Apple cider Vinegar is also OK! )

– black vinegar 2tbs

– water 1cup

– Wet your hair
– Mix the vinegar and water in a bottle.

– Pour the vinegar mixture over your entire your hair.
– Massage your scalp
– Let the mixture sit on your hair for 1-2 minutes.
– Rinse throughly.

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