DIY Zero Waste Soap Holder

If you use a shampoo bars in the shower, it can just melt away to nothing in no time. This way, it doesn’t sit in moisture and it lasts a long time. Also, no messy soap scum in the soap holder to clean.

This inexpensive soap holder does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. It sticks to my shower walls well so far after a month. The magnets work well. The soap remained pretty dry and lasted longer. This is an old-fashioned design that still works in the modern world!

All you need is Magnet & metal bottle cap. Check my YouTube video how to make it ↓

My favorite shampoo bars ↓

My ebook↓
This book shows you 10 zerowaste shops and restaurants in Kyoto. I share my favorite zerowaste spots with you. Actually, they are not zerowaste shops but they have all been very nice with our zero waste wishes. Have a nice zerowaste trip in Kyoto!

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