DIY Zerowaste Emergency Candles

I made orange peel candles for home lighting when our power goes out. Living in Japan, The lights go out when we have typhoon. I think it is very good to have some emergency candles on hand.It is a great price, it burns slowly and will be great in heavier typhoon when the electricity goes out.

This handmade candle is made of orange peel and used cooking oil.
Pure orange peel filled by used cooking oil! This candle is so pure and so natural. It is equally fresh and warm. Perfect for emergency candles or holiday candles! Every candle is unique and different, depends on orange peels. It is dye and additive free to bring you a clean burn that will not produce headaches,too.

– orange peel
– used cooking oil


– Cut the orange.
– Peel the orange.
– Locate the “wick”.
– Add oil.
– Light the candle.

Prior to lighting a candle, carefully inspect it to make sure that you can use it safely.

Another zerowaste candle idea is here.

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