DIY Zerowaste Mineral Face Powder

Japanese Bentonite Clay contains variety of minerals, and it has been used as beauty treatment such as beauty mask in Japan. It is precious because we can find it only in limited area of Japan.It is 100% natural, without addictives or preservatives. It is made of small particles and it easily absorbs skin’s dirt. The more you use it the more it picks up old skin cells and leaves our skin clear and refreshed. It acts as cleansing agent and helps to remove harmful substances from the body. Actually, It is not zero waste. I have to buy it in a plastic container, but still I can reduce plastic waste.

I use it as facial powder. I put some into a smaller container and use a blush. I have combination skin, and more oily in the summer.I put a little of this clay all over my face in the morning, and my skin is not shiny in the afternoon.It keeps my skin matte. It gives a soft breathable coverage on the skin. I blend bentonite clay with a little of kaolin clays & pink clay together to make the “perfect” color for me. It’s Much better than any store bought talc based powder.

I use it as a baby powder & my body powder, and so far it works fine, too.