DIY Plasticfree Tea Bag

We Japanese drink many kinds of tea every day. We recently choose tea bags rather than tea leaves, because it’s convenient to make tea. However, do you know there’s plastic in your teabags? Plastic in the teabag itself. There’s actually plastic in popular tea bags, and they aren’t compostable or recyclable. No plastic tea bags do exist, so check your favourite tea bag’s labelling. However, I found some in a paper bag but it had a sticky plastic label on it.

Or here is more zerowaste option available. Have you seen Japanese traditional reusable tea bags ? We used to use ‘reusable’ tea bags before plastic ones came. We use thin cotton 100% cloth to make reusable tea bag. ( We call it Sarashi cloth. )I will show you how to make it on my YouTube tutorial video. It’s so easy !

In summer, We drink cold brew tea. I put my DIY tea bag into glass jar, and add water. Steep the tea overnight in the fridge. You can make cold brew coffee at home with same way, too. Have a try !