Do You Know Contact Lenses Contribute To Microplastic Pollution?

Do you know contact lenses contribute to microplastic pollution? I just read about it in BBC NEWS .

It said ‘15-20% of US users simply flick these fiddly lenses down the drain via the bathroom sink or toilet. New study suggests that in the US at least, around 14 billion lenses are thrown away, amounting to around 200,000kg (441,000lb) of plastic waste every year.’

I also have a bad eyesight. I used to wear 1-day disposable contact lenses for a long time . However, I changed to eyeglasses after going zerowaste lifestyle, concerned about the waste created by my daily disposable contact lenses & cleaning solutions . I found eyeglasses offer many benefits over contact lenses.

First, I can reduce waste created by my daily disposable contact lenses. Second, glasses are cheaper than contact lenses in the long run. Third, they don’t require much cleaning and maintenance .I don’t need special cleaning solutions in plastic bottles . Plus plastic eyeglasses are recycled in Japan.

How to clean your eyesglasses plasticfree? I clean glasses with Japanese traditional reusable cotton & paper cloth. I just rub lenses with it. You do not need to wet it.

This is actually for face wash , but it cleans lenses well. I do not need to buy eyeglass cleaner in plastic bottle. It’s cheaper than store bought cleaners in a long run. Plus It does not contain harsh chemicals.