Easy Portable Hot Lunch Recipe

I cook miso soup inside my food jar for to go lunch everyday. It saves me more time in the morning. I add cutted vegetables & miso with boiling water in the morning. The sealed heat will cook the soup over the morning and by lunchtime I’ve got a hot, ready-to-eat meal.
This works really well for me to take hot foods to work for lunch. The food stays nice and hot from the time I put it in there early in the morning until lunchtime at 1pm. Just prepare a quick hot meal in the morning and it will still be hot by lunch time.

In winter, I put a cup of boiling water in it for 10 mins, then wipe the inside dry, before inserting the ingredients. The soup is still hot for lunch. Not just warm, but hot!

– Cutted vegetables ( small pieces are better)
– Kombu ( If you want)
– miso 1tbs

How to use the food jar is on my YouTube channel.

You can make many kinds of soups,too!

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