Zerowaste Refrigerator

It is important to pick the small size refrigerator to reduce foods waste.

After going zerowaste lifestyle, We ( 2 adults & 2 kids ) are using a small sized two door refrigerator ( 137 L )at home. No normal family has one of those tiny fridges around here. We used to use bigger one like others. However, it was worth for me to switch from the large fridge to the tiny one.

First, I could stop wasting foods.
I used to spoil a lot of foods in refrigerator, because I forgot to eat them. Now My refrigerator is small, and I can organize easily. I can see through all food at once. I can not forget about foods that I bought.

Second, it helps me stop buying a lot that we can’t eat fast enough. I used to buy much foods than we could eat. Now I can not buy a lot, because my refrigerator is small ! I live in a city and walk by several food stores each day. I also store foods dried ,canned,and fermented in room temperature.

Third, do you know is the refrigerator big consumer of power ? Yes,it is running 365 days a year. Small refrigerator will use less energy than a medium size. Plus my small refrigerator does not have an automatic ice maker. It can use up to 20% more electricity,too.

I’m using those apartment size refrigerator.

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