Easy Vegan Christmas Stollen

My homemade Stollen bread was an incredible taste! I chose to make my Stollen with some zerowaste ingredients! Orange peels, sun dried apple peels and pumpkin seeds.( I discarded them before ) NO candied fruit, butter and egg! I formed it by hand. My homemade zerowaste Stollen made a wonderful addition to our festivities!

-dried orange peel, dried apple peel, raisins
(Fill jar with enough orange peels, apple peels and raisins.Pour rum over fruit in jar.Store the jar at room temperature 3 weeks.)

200g bread flour
100g cookie flour
2tbs sugar
5g natural yeast
4tbs plant-based oil
6tbs plant-based yogurt
ground pumpkin seeds
stollen spices
powder sugar

-Mix flour,sugar,natural yeast and stollen spices in a big bowl.
Add plant-based yogurt and oil.
-Let dough rise for 6 hours at room temperature.
-Now add orange peel, apple peel,pumpkin seeds and raisins to the batter and fold in. Let dough rise for 6 hours at room temperature.
-Place the dough on the baking sheet. Bake for 40 minutes at 180°C.
-Let stollen cool down and serve with powdered sugar on top.

I usually use bamboo skins depending on what I’m baking. This works so much better than parchment paper. It’s super easy to clean too! Nothing sticks to it. I love bamboo skin!

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