Easy Whey Fermented Pickles

We Japanese loves fermented vegetables. We always have some vegetables fermenting to use as a side dish.

I have been successfully making various fermented vegetables for many years. This time, I’ve tried making fermented vegetables using fresh whey. I used as starter culture some whey from my raw soy yogurt. The fermentation started quickly, nothing ever got rotten. Whey fermented pickles are simple, and don’t require a lot of special equipment or ingredients!

​​1/2 daikon (Japanese radish)
2 cup fresh whey
2 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Making whey is easy, I just drained the liquid from some soy yogurt overnight in the fridge.

– Slice the daikon into approximate 2-inch long pieces.
– Combine sugar and fresh whey until the sugar dissolves.
– Add the salt.
– Mix well to combine.
– Add sliced daikon radish pieces to a container.
– Pour pickling marinade over the daikon pieces.
– 1-3 days on the counter and then in the fridge it goes.
– It continues and starts to bubble in the fridge.

The daikon pickles will keep in a refrigerator for one week.

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