Eco-Friendly Wrapping Tape

Switch from regular tape to Japanese paper Washi tape!

Do you know Japanese Washi tape? Washi is traditional Japanese paper. Washi tape is made from Washi paper & natural rubber adhesive. I am really loving these Washi tapes. Adheres well and removes easily. Can be torn by hand or ripped with scissors. The tape is easy to tear when you want it to but has never torn when I didn’t want it to. I love the way it removes easily without mess or damage of items it’s stuck to and pieces can even be reused.

This washi tape is perfect for card-making, gift-wrapping, scrap-booking, DIY craft projects.

There are a variety of designs. Each is beautiful. Especially, Japanese MTseems to make the best quality washi tape. MT washi tapes are the best quality in terms of make and design. This is a wider roll than usual and the coloring is great. You can check out their full collection on their website.

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