Ecofriendly Kids Playmat

Have you heard of Japanese traditional zerowaste matress, Tatami? It is made of rice straw and grass. The padding is thin but it is good enough support. It gives a nice place to sit. It is well made, durable, and pretty. I love the quality of the Japanese workmanship.

I recommend this mat especially for baby. It is good for playmats during the day. It is perfect for baby to have the road to add into playtime and then flip it over to blend in with our decor. They can learn to crawl on the mat instead of carpet floor. It is also the perfect thickness. When my baby fell over she was okay, it was nice and soft. I even laid on it with her sometimes.

My favorite part has to be the smell.The smell is great. It’s like freshly cut grass. The clean earthy smell of the straw is so relaxing. It’s a lovely scent.

The tatami also have a natural humidity regulation. Your room is also purified automatically.

Japan only!

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