Ecofriendly Laundry Detergent

Do you know Magnesium pellets are powerful cleaning pellets which activate in the water and are proven to gently lift away dirt. This has transformed my laundry routine. I no longer have to buy laundry detergent. I get clean clothes without having to buy detergent. I still treat stains before washing, and I have had great results. The Magnesium pellets satisfies my desire to streamline my laundry routine and use an eco-friendly product. Love it! They’re great, wonderful for sensitive and baby skin. Wash Magnesium pellets lasts the average family of four for 1 year. All my clothes are just as clean as they were with toxic cleaning supplies I had been using. It works for both soft and hard water , plus cold and hot water.

How to use:
– packed magnesium pellets in the cotton or linen bag. 50g pellets work for laundry load up to 8kg.

– Place packed Magnesium pellets into washing machine with laundry.
– After finishing the washing cycle, hang up them to air dry.

Japan only!

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