Essentials for a Zero Waste Kitchen

If you have a kitchen knives, this Japanese traditional MUG sharpening method is a must know if you want to keep your knives in a great sharp condition. You can give your knives once last shot before tossing them. It works great, easy to store, easy to clean! The mug works to restore the blades to their better quality. Your kitchen and pocket knives will be wicked sharp!

I always use a whole tomato to test my knives. When my knife can’t slice through the skin of a fresh tomato, without sawing back and forth, I know it’s time to sharpen.


-Soak the mug cup
-Place the knife against the rough bottom of the cup and slide it back and forth

My father uses Japanese traditional sharpening stone and his knives are always perfectly sharp. This stone will make them as sharp as the day you bought them. This does take a little bit of time but you do not need to spend so much money on your excellent knives! If you’ve never used a stone, you should watch a couple of how-to videos to understand the basic process and start off with a knife that you wouldn’t mind ruining!

Japanese traditional kitchen knives are also very good. I recommend Hocho-Kobo Tadafusa. It is made of stainless steel & wood. You can use it forever!

Japan only!

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